'Salt 2'; Kiln-formed textural print on glass. 1 piece of glass each measuring; 505mm x 710 mm x 8-9mm thick. This is a recent piece from my exhibition Layers. A series of three pieces of very textural glass inspired by the pink salt lake near my home. It can be hung either horizontally of vertically. Wall fittings to hang the glass are included.

Salt 2

  • 'Salt 2' is a one of a kind glass wall hanging. The inspiration for this collection comes from my many images taken of the local pink lake I drive past to go to the beach and how the texture is alive and always changing. It sparkles in the sun and has always reminded me of the crushed and powdered glass I work with. Comments at the exhibition were many including 'Wow it looks like you cut out a piece of the lake and brought it here'. At my exhibition these pieces were displayed close to the floor to look like the lake when I am standing on it or next to it. They look great on the wall and at eye level you can see the incredible texture and detail.