Public and client feedback

Comments about Layers Exhibition 2016

Dear Cindy, 
I was fortunate to receive an invitation to the opening of your exhibition from the Festival Theatre. 

I have to say I was in awe of the fabulous items you created and I am glad you received the prizes. 

I have had no experience in glass making, but I can appreciate all the hard work,and I am sure your excitement and sometimes disappointments, in producing such beautiful items.  I would have loved to see a video of you at work. 

Thankyou so much for giving me and my friend a very special evening.  I acquired a copy of your work which I have enjoyed reading and seeing the photos of your work. 

All the best for your future artistic work.

Regards, Evangeline K.

Hi Cindy


Again - well done. It is a splendid achievement getting a show of such scale and quality together.

I hope it provides the right kind of slingshot to promote your work to wider audiences - and markets.

Yes it was a great opening event which everyone was clearly enjoying. Just as it should be.


John ( and Heather )

Hi Cindy


I was so pleased to be able to get to your opening and enjoy your beautiful  work; nothing short of stunning, congratulations. I found it so evocative and worried that so few of us, including myself, can really appreciate the technical excellence you have achieved and the challenges you would have faced to produce such a wonderful body of work.


So, in my humble assessment, it is a credit to your commitment to that excellence.


All the best for lots of appreciation and not to mention, sales ! Such visual joy.


love Janxx

Thanx Cindy, & congrats on wonderful & wonderous show, truly magnificent.
Last night's opening was great, but not the occasion to drag you from your many fans & admirers.
After hearing you describe your photoshop education, I thought of possibilities of utilising a photographic enlarger (if you have negatives) to create images.
I have an old enlarger that you are welcome to take home if you think it may be of use.

Wishing you great artistic success, & all the good things this life has to offer. Cheers, Pete.

Hi Cindy


Just wanted to say your opening was a wonderful event and I’m sure you are very pleased.

The work looks great on display and was well received on the night.


I’ve had a chance to look through the catalogue and have to say it is certainly one of the best I’ve seen.

The printing is very accurate to the images and it is a pleasure to see my photography printed so well. 

This does not always happen as budget constraints invariably impact on the attention to detail during the print process.

Also love the translucent 'salt pan’ pages.


All the best for the show and your future work.


Kind regards


Hi Cindy,

Lots of love from us, fabulous exhibition, loved the work, nice friendly people.

Hope you are getting the rest you deserve!

I think the review was good and he highlighted my favourites! I think your work and aesthetic have grown exponentially in this year of experimentation, congratulations, you should be very proud of yourself!


The main thing is to maintain the joy and excitement of discovery and the urge to keep pushing your boundaries.

Ok allow yourself enough time to recover and then....back into it!


Love, Jenny. 

Wow - that's awesome Cindy! Congratulations!! Your show was all class. The works are breathtakingly beautiful and it was truly a privilege to share the adventure with you! Sending you the biggest hugs - and thank you so much for sending me the photos! Love and Light, Jodi Martin. xoxo

 Hi Cindy,

I took my friends to see your exhibition yesterday and we all loved it. One even got an early birthday present!Congratulations on such beautiful work.

Gaynor Hartvigsen

Amazing work Cindy.....such a beautiful exhibition opening!

Julie Wallis

Love your work Cindy! Congrats on an amazing exhibition so great to see it all up after seeing bits and pieces in your workshop.


Trudi R.