Over the years I have always been inspired by wide open spaces. Solitude has been a part of my life. Peace, time to think and immerse myself in whatever I am doing at the time. I remember always feeling this way...sort of being a loner or some might say introvert...not in a bad way though. Crowds are okay for me only in small doses. I prefer the sound of quiet, the sound of the wind or the sea, the sounds I find in nature. I suppose this is why I moved to 'the middle of nowhere'!

As a creative individual/practicioner I get to spend a lot of time alone. In my studio hours, days, weeks and years disappear as I wonder about how to make this or that, what colour, what texture, what medium...on and on. Being an artist can be a lonely time especially when you choose to live in a remote location. I thrive on this though. A day does not go by without me thinking about making something.

I have always been drawn to the ocean I suppose directly related to where I grew up on the coast of Southern California. Other influences include;

- nature...trees, plants, animals, the earth.....it is endless

- the beauty of where I live or where I am at the moment

- the everchanging and wonderful sky and cloud formations

- culture and history

- Mexico, the colours and art

- patterns and textures

So I guess my list encompasses almost everything. As a visual artist everything I see can influence me and hence my art. Large or small not much goes unnoticed. Sounds are also stimulating.

I enjoy experimenting and learning. I relish exploring with new media and mixing things up by seeing what happens when I apply techniques used with one media to another media. There are so many possibilities it is exciting to know they are all out there waiting to be discovered and tried.

I look forward to continuing on my creative path and just seeing where I go. Playing with all of the possibilities. Life is interesting so let's see what happens next.